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10:36pm 20/11/2004
  Make some effort sometime. it's only 25 minutes away and to me it seems i am not worth it.  
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06:09pm 12/09/2004
  Hello there LJ world!

I have not died, hahaha kinda insdie i have but that's becasue my life kinda sucks. i have no plans or golas or anything. nothing i am a big dork and just don;t want to do anything. any person i thought was a close friend of mine has shown there true colors. doesn;t that alway suck. i get used for things and i get walked all over. not anymore. i just going to tell everyone to shove it. i don;t really need much but anythign i thought i had is gone. yeah i know i am not the smartest person but now that i thnk about it i am alot smarter then some of the kids i know.

Yeah maybe i was concerned. FUCK IT I GIVE UP NOW!!! Have a good fucking life. PEACE!!!
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06:28pm 10/07/2004
  hi i am not dead just been busy. i went to dave matthews band on wed it kicked ass today was my brother's wedding it was really good i am happy for him i love his wiofe i am so glad she is part of our little family now. pictures to come soon. and now i am gettin ready for a nap. just wanted to let people know i am still around!  
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12:58pm 02/06/2004
mood: crappy
Hello. i decided to update like a nomral person. i was chillin with manda last night we went and saw Raising Helen Last night it was a good movie. i love movies it's a bad habit i have. but on the way home we were talking and we both decided that we can never find the right guys and when we do actually find any guy he is soooo wrong and it always end up with legal matters haha. but she brought up a good point, i mean i have the biggest commitment issues. i have never had a serious relationship in my life. never i can honestly say this. and it kinda makes me think i mean damn that's shitty i suck and i need to change my ways.

i have had a lot on my mind lately i need to vent but not at this moment now i need to go get a haircut. i will finish this later.
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12:20pm 26/05/2004
  Remeber when! PicturesCollapse )  
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02:28am 26/05/2004
  Boredom at 2:26 am hahaha bedtime!

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05:36pm 25/05/2004
  hey, i have been wicked busy lately. jen and i hung out lasty night took some pictures drove around mall and other fun things. we always have fun times. on thursday jennifer and i are going to take a road trip to see TBS. i am excited. but that's all i can think of for now maybe later i will post pictures yay pictures bye bye!  
11:21am 18/05/2004
  i just saw the most disturbing thing ever. The video for Coheed and Cambria on mtv. not mtv 2 main stream MTV! what is this world coming to? i mean i love Co & Ca don;t get me wrong but i don;t want them to turn teenie bopp. they are tooo good to do that to themselves!  
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11:16pm 04/05/2004
  hello. i like to thank everyone again who came and wished me a happy birthday. i had the best time on my 21st birthday!! and i am kinda too blah feeling to make a big update. but i will finish it tomorrow..  
05:37am 03/05/2004
  Happy Birthday to ME!!!!! 21!  
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fun times   
11:53am 27/04/2004
  post a memory of me in the comments
it can be anything you want
then post this to your journal
see what people remember of you

Im curious.

stole this from pat it's a cool thing to do hahahaha
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01:16pm 18/04/2004
  Going to Cancun tomorrow. Gonna have fun see you all in a week!  
update time   
11:34am 08/04/2004
  yeah i am working a hit load this work cuz i need money for CANCUN.. it's less than a week away.. if you want anythign from there then tell me and i will get it for you. hahaha.. so i neeeeeeeeed this vacation.

there is some things i need before i go.

1) hair cut!!!
2) money
3) Fun hahahaha

that will be it i think..
update later i will bye
hello great people of the LJ world!   
02:10pm 24/03/2004
mood: creative
i decided to actually update and explain what has been going on in my boring life for the last couple of weeks.

lets see i don;t know really where i last left you so i will just write what i can remember. i have kinda distance myself fro people just to figure out some things. and it made me realize alot of dumb things i thnk aren't true and i need to stop treating everyone like shit. yes i do admit i treat some of my friends like shit sometimes and i don;t mean it sucks. i tihnk i have finally realized all my friends are the greatest people in the worl dand i canlt lose them i would really have nothing.

work, ya works sucks ass.. it's like a bad movie u can't get out of. but i need to stay here to have insurance.. god damn! i wish medical serives were cheaper and with my track record i need to have insurance. it sucks. they asked me to train for being a manager .. i think that is way to perment.. i can't deal with that. i would def. be stuck.

hmm last night hung out with tyler and chrissy for a bit.. and visited jen at work. then saw alyssa for a few minutes.. wish i had more time in a night but i never do. tonigh tis game night. woot woot. last game night almost broke my knee falling up the stairs. hahah i know very funny but everyone who was there remebers and never lets me down for it. hahaha.. but it's gonna be fun.. and i hung out with mike too last night he is doing well haven;t seen him in a while it was nice to hang out with him again. he told me he isn;t going to be home this summer and he is staying in maine.. he is gettin an apartment.. soo that means i will be road tripping to maine alot this summer cuz he is a fun guy to hang out with.. well i gotta finish what i started today so bye
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01:00pm 14/03/2004
  maybe i did over reacted or maybe i didn't but it's the past. and whatever i don;t care. kinda got some sense talked into me to understand. and i do understand completely. so it's over ok? we are cool hopefully?  
12:09pm 12/03/2004
mood: guilty
i am updating becasue i am bored. haha.. well lets see i went out clubbing last night with chrissy and tyler and diane and Ana. it was a fun time. can't wait till i get to be 21 and not have to pay to get in. man won't that be a great time. but other than that it was still fun.. i came home around 230 and went to bed around 4. i ended up talking to jen online for a couple of hours.. for some reason everythign i tried to say came out really wrong and she blew up on me. i really truly did nothing to provoke the yelling this time.. i don;t know she says it was becase it was 330 in the am.. but i don;t know...

i turn 21 in may. exciting i know. but not really most the people i hang out with are gonna have finals that week so that means they are not gonna be able to go out really. i really hope that they all have late finals on that tuesday so we can go hit up the bars..
i don;t seem to be having the greatest couple of weeks lately. i don;t know y not. maybe my lucky will turn around in these next couple of days.. we will have to see... i will be excited if they so happen to.. i would be highly grateful. well there is only so much i can write before i start gettin all weird or offensive. i will update later when the mood strikes..
02:14pm 04/03/2004
  The Ludacris and chingy concert was incredible. there are no words to describe how great ludacris is. he is the best lyricist of all times.. it was a wicked fun time.. my friends are great they always bring the most fun out of everything. and we actually hung out with no drama at all it was great.

maybe there is alot on my mind, maybe that i feel helpless with some people. i mean i know something is wrong and they still continue to say no and nothing like I'm a dumb blonde or something. ( not that all blondes are dumb). i just don;t know there is not much for me to do and i get frustrated. and i know shit happens but still only to some point can i let it all go to be fine with things. there are alot of things i am still not fine about that i can;t sit there and listen to you talk about them. it's so hard to do it but i still do. i sit and listen to you talk about things that hurt me and i know i shouldn't be still upset about it but i am. now i am just venting.. back to my week

so i hung out with ryan on tuesday .. i haven;t talked him in months. it was great seeing him again i had a fun time. plus i looked hot so i knew i had to go out somewhere. so we went to visit good ol jenny at her place or occupation. hahaha.. which means free movie.. She rocks! so we went and saw mystic river which was great but did really seem based in Boston/ Southie. but i don't know it still was a good movie. brings back old times chillin with the ryster. i misss it. makes me miss school. or at least the people there.
monday i went to see BNL with my mom at the Verizon Wireless.. it was a great show. i had never seen them live before and they are one of those bands that do great jobs live. they make you want to be there and have fun. they make you get invloved i love that in a show.. it makes me happy. of course it was no thursday or coheed show but hey it's different all together and you need differences in your everyday life!

well off to go get ready for work. really it's like i live there. i will updat elater.. Peace!
11:36pm 01/03/2004
  i have one ticket for the ludacris concert this wed in worcester! i need to sell it.. please some one buy it from me..!!  
i'm back   
11:29pm 27/02/2004
mood: relieved
i just bought a brand new computer.. yay for that got rid of my shitty one. i am still working out the bugs in this new one. so i will update when more happens. kinda getin the shaft on some things but o well can;t talk about it on this thing.. people will know.. and right now i can;t really or don;t really wanna start talking about it .. o well it's a princinple thing.
02:04pm 05/02/2004
mood: working
Yeah this week has been busy busy, i am working alot as normal. i think i am gonna start taking off some weekends so i can chill with my home girls, miss them tons!!! i had a great night last night haven;t had one in forever. it's always a fun time chillin at school. good to see everyone. this weekend i am working early but not so early i am gonna have to get up at 4. i am sking tomorrow . fun times !!! and other than that ther eis nothing really going on this weekend.