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hello great people of the LJ world!

i decided to actually update and explain what has been going on in my boring life for the last couple of weeks.

lets see i don;t know really where i last left you so i will just write what i can remember. i have kinda distance myself fro people just to figure out some things. and it made me realize alot of dumb things i thnk aren't true and i need to stop treating everyone like shit. yes i do admit i treat some of my friends like shit sometimes and i don;t mean it sucks. i tihnk i have finally realized all my friends are the greatest people in the worl dand i canlt lose them i would really have nothing.

work, ya works sucks ass.. it's like a bad movie u can't get out of. but i need to stay here to have insurance.. god damn! i wish medical serives were cheaper and with my track record i need to have insurance. it sucks. they asked me to train for being a manager .. i think that is way to perment.. i can't deal with that. i would def. be stuck.

hmm last night hung out with tyler and chrissy for a bit.. and visited jen at work. then saw alyssa for a few minutes.. wish i had more time in a night but i never do. tonigh tis game night. woot woot. last game night almost broke my knee falling up the stairs. hahah i know very funny but everyone who was there remebers and never lets me down for it. hahaha.. but it's gonna be fun.. and i hung out with mike too last night he is doing well haven;t seen him in a while it was nice to hang out with him again. he told me he isn;t going to be home this summer and he is staying in maine.. he is gettin an apartment.. soo that means i will be road tripping to maine alot this summer cuz he is a fun guy to hang out with.. well i gotta finish what i started today so bye
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