Vicki (xghettochildx) wrote,

Hello there LJ world!

I have not died, hahaha kinda insdie i have but that's becasue my life kinda sucks. i have no plans or golas or anything. nothing i am a big dork and just don;t want to do anything. any person i thought was a close friend of mine has shown there true colors. doesn;t that alway suck. i get used for things and i get walked all over. not anymore. i just going to tell everyone to shove it. i don;t really need much but anythign i thought i had is gone. yeah i know i am not the smartest person but now that i thnk about it i am alot smarter then some of the kids i know.

Yeah maybe i was concerned. FUCK IT I GIVE UP NOW!!! Have a good fucking life. PEACE!!!
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